Small steps every day for more than 20 years

Created in 2001, Market-IP specialises in web mapping. At the time, GPRS technologies were beginning to appear and Google had already made its presence felt. Very soon, Market-IP looked for ways to stand out from the crowd by expanding its service offering to include a platform-based solution. The Telefleet application came into being, designed to improve vehicle safety and prevent vehicle thefts, Very quickly, it became an online geolocation application and a means of managing and monitoring vehicles, devices, equipment and other connected objects for companies.

The notion behind this company is a simple observation by Arnaud STORDER: a company’s fleet of vehicles is a major cost item for businesses for which there is room to be optimised. If telecommunications have been so successful at totally changing our society and the way we deal with others, why not apply the same logic to vehicles?



What’s the best way to rationalise a company fleet? How do you improve the productivity of teams in the field? How do you cut down on energy consumption and monitor your carbon footprint? How do you reduce accidents and make people aware of driving in a more environmentally sensitive way?


Having on-board telematics brings many benefits. Translating them into an application that enabled managers to optimise the way their business is managed was the main challenge facing the team.
Telefleet, Geoplanning and Drivexpert were 3 platforms that met these needs from 2004 onwards, occupying a place on the market as forerunners to telematics in Belgium.

From the outset, Market-IP offered its services on a SaaS platform (Software as a Service – online software requiring no installation). Already with the aim of facilitating user satisfaction, this type of online service made it possible to upgrade the functions frequently, without the need to install software.

Working through a network of some fifteen certified partner integrators, thousands of vehicles across Europe, the Middle East and north Africa were equipped with the technology, enabling different types of managers to handle their operational and decision-making tasks more efficiently.

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In 2017, Market-IP joined the French family-owned company, Actia, a company specialising in on-board electronics for vehicles (the world leader in telematics for HGVs and in the top 10 for light vehicles). By becoming the Belgian subsidiary specialising in software development, Market-IP strengthened its position as a telematics development expert, making the most of vital technological tools, enabling it to maintain a privileged place in the market.

Market-IP changed its name and became Actia Telematics Services (ATS). Arnaud STORDER remained CEO and the team in place in the company since it was first created, continued to be guided by its policy of innovation and provided services that were even more attentive to the constantly increasing numbers of users. New functionalities are now released each month to stay one step ahead and respond to the needs of a market that continues to evolve and expand.  


Working alongside these developments are stringent quality and safety policies. ATS also has ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certification. Excellence is a value that is cultivated further on a daily basis. And our wish is to guarantee that our customers, users and partners enjoy privacy, availability and integrity of the information and data collected through a strategy of data protection, processing, storage and operational use of any sensitive items.

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Today, our aim more than ever as a software publisher is to simplify the use of our applications to meet the needs of our users better. We have consolidated the many benefits of our 3 applications – Telefleet, Drivexpert and Geoplanning – into a single solution called MyACtia, which offers functional diversity through clearly identified packages of features that can be activated together or separately, enabling users to create their own à la carte Telematics Box!