Benefit from a 360° view of journeys, by vehicle or by driver, while automating compliance with tachograph standards and monitoring fuel consumption

These days, road haulage is an integral part of the logistics chain (warehousing, handling and transport). There are many critical data points along the chain to ensure the quality of your services. This means you will sometimes want to know the exact location of a vehicle, check whether the temperature for the load is correct, see whether the driver is on schedule, know which trailer is associated with which tractor, or monitor the rate of fuel consumption of a vehicle, because your company is concerned about its carbon footprint, etc. Linked to your existing management software, MyActia offers a solution to all your monitoring requirements. You can also make adjustments, depending on the numerous functionalities provided.

Modules frequently used in your sector:


Track your mobile resources in real-time: vehicles, devices, machinery.

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Energy consumption

Keep an eye on the level of tanks in your fleet

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Make your drivers aware of environmentally friendly and economic driving styles, reduce accidents

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Plan for when vehicles are off the road through the preventative maintenance and servicing of your fleet

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Solutions that may also be of interest to you:


Suspicion of theft? Vehicle not found? Valuable or coveted vehicle? Need insurance to protect you from risks? Protect your asset against theft.

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Controlled t° - Cold chain solution

Monitore various temperature managed within the same load.

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Installed in the vehicle, the cameras film the driving environment and improve the driver behavior.

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Equipment - trailer inventory

For businesses that entrust equipment and tools to their staff, being able to locate the various machines and equipment issued to them makes it easier for you to manage all.

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