Passenger transport

Passenger transport companies: every journey needs to be a positive experience

Solutions for monitoring the comfort and safety of the passengers who place their trust in you by boarding your services so that they can count on arriving safely at their destination in vehicles that benefit from preventative maintenance. MyActia also enables you to assess the habits and efficiency of drivers, ensuring they behave ecologically, economically and without taking risks. MyActia also helps you to measure passenger numbers so you can adjust the frequency of your services accordingly.

Modules frequently used in your sector

Bus and passengers

Have passenger comfort as a goal

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Make your drivers aware of environmentally friendly and economic driving styles, reduce accidents

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Data analysis solution to identify the vehicles eligible for electrification

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Energy consumption

Keep an eye on the level of tanks in your fleet

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Solutions that may also be of interest to you


Installed in the vehicle, the cameras film the driving environment and improve the driver behavior.

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Worker activity

Organise staff activity and automate the way work is recorded, identify worker presence on-site

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