Mines/Off Highway

A geolocation decision-making solution, designed for activities on mines or steep terrain

  • Optimize team management between different sites and equipment start-up times, closely monitoring compliance.

  • Monitor the health of machinery and vehicles (temperature, presence of water, humidity, door opening/closing), remotely monitoring the use and/or health of the device.

  • Access the geographic location of equipment and ensure your equipment is safe on your site every day

Modules frequently used in your sector:


Track your mobile resources in real-time: vehicles, devices, machinery.

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Equipment - trailer inventory

For businesses that entrust equipment and tools to their staff, being able to locate the various machines and equipment issued to them makes it easier for you to manage all.

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Installed in the vehicle, the cameras film the driving environment and improve the driver behavior.

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Make your drivers aware of environmentally friendly and economic driving styles, reduce accidents

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Worker activity

Organise staff activity and automate the way work is recorded, identify worker presence on-site

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Solutions that may also be of interest to you:


Suspicion of theft? Vehicle not found? Valuable or coveted vehicle? Need insurance to protect you from risks? Protect your asset against theft.

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Plan for when vehicles are off the road through the preventative maintenance and servicing of your fleet

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Business and API integrations

Our telematics data is recorded in detail and is transmitted in real time to all kinds of software suites specific to your sector. This allows for the integration of accurate data, additional insights, much more automation and simplified encoding.

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