Leasing / Rental

Lease or hire, ensure you have an accurate operational overview of your fleet


Maintain the quality of your hire services by ensuring you have an accurate operational overview of your fleet of vehicles and other assets: protect them from theft, plan ahead for maintenance periods, etc.

Every fleet manager has access to a portal that can be personalised in their own colours, including customised modules. Create your customised Telematics Box below!

Modules frequently used in your sector


Track your mobile resources in real-time: vehicles, devices, machinery.

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Plan for when vehicles are off the road through the preventative maintenance and servicing of your fleet

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Make your drivers aware of environmentally friendly and economic driving styles, reduce accidents

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Solutions that may also be of interest to you


Suspicion of theft? Vehicle not found? Valuable or coveted vehicle? Need insurance to protect you from risks? Protect your asset against theft.

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Installed in the vehicle, the cameras film the driving environment and improve the driver behavior.

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