Your challenges

  • To prove what actually happened in the event of an acciden
  • To keep vehicles, goods and drivers safe and secure
  • To make drivers accountable and encourage them to drive more carefully

Make the facts objective


By having the ability to review video footage and analyse alarms, the solution provides irrefutable context to the incident: no indicator used, driving over the white line, running a red light, etc.). It also brings objectivity to what happened while at the same time reconstructing the accident.

More responsible drivers


It is a proven fact that these cameras reduce collisions by one-third as a result of the alerts sounded inside the vehicle and by another one-third thanks to the improvement in driver behaviour. Scientists are convinced that drivers who are aware that their journey is being filmed take fewer risks, are more attentive and avoid distractions.

  • Cameras make drivers accountable, so they drive more safely,
  • Cameras encourage drivers to boost their performance,
  • Cameras allow for more environmentally aware and economical habits to be adopted

Generate savings

GSM au volant.png
  • Cameras enable savings on insurance costs,
  • Cameras capture hit-and-run drivers,
  • Cameras avoid the company being liable.

Events that may be detected/reported

camera 3.png

Respect for privacy

The objective of equipping your vehicles with cameras is legitimate and its primary purpose is to ensure the protection of property and people.
As a fleet manager, when you decide to equip your vehicles with smart cameras, you must apply the same legal obligations as for data processing 

  • inform your workers,
  • define the data retention period,
  • keep a register processing of images
  • and limiting access to images to authorized persons).
  • fix a "camera" pictogram in equipped vehicles
  • and declare your surveillance cameras

Driver behaviour analysis

  • Fatigue and yawning (DFM)
  • Smoking
  • Phone calls, distractions
  • Seat belt use
  • Driver recognition
  • Face mask use

Drive Assistance (ADAS)

  • Lane departure
  • Blind spots
  • Forward collision warning
  • Collision avoidance system
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Speed threshold overrun
  • Stop sign detection
  • Red light

System alerts

  • signal osss
  • covered camera

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