Theft and losses on site are a disaster causing many difficulties for construction companies, both from the point of view of the economic losses they cause, and the disorganization / delay of the sites they can cause .

And in the loot section, everything goes: small hand tools, electrical equipment, ladders, etc. Practices that are so widespread that they come to impact the prices given by builders.

Today there are mini transmitters to place on your tools such as drills, generators, milling machines, electrical equipment and other hand tools.

By equipping your worksites/depots/vehicles with a reader, the equipment fitted with tags will regularly send its position. You will be able to locate and list your assets and act accordingly.

Our promises

1) Do not waste time looking for your equipment: Reduce the risk of loss and theft, educate the staff to whom the equipment is entrusted and spend less time looking for your equipment.

2) Digitize your inventories: View of the equipment in use or available at the warehouse.

3) Maximize your operations: Avoid interruptions on site due to unavailable equipment.

4) Become a responsive manager: Don't go into the app, it will come to you. Thanks to instant notifications, you will be notified of any unauthorized movement.


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