Last-minute absences? Unforeseen delays? New appointments?

(Re)organize your rounds in real time with Geoplanning, an efficient field force management tool.

How? This planning tool helps you to draw up and optimize your field staff’s rounds. You can easily locate on the map the best engineer (or worker) to do the job efficiently according to distance and the skills needed.

  • Each of your vehicles is fitted with a box that communicates the vehicle’s GPS position to the server and to your computer by GPRS or SMS.
  • Draw up your list of destinations in route form and find out very easily which is the best option in terms of cost and travelling time.
  • Bidirectional communication : Send your staff the necessary information directly, so they can do the job as efficiently as possible.
  • Integration of ERP and external social secretariat: This Web application is a perfect fit with your ERP and takes account of the various updates arising.
  • To encourage good driving, Geoplanning offers a model based on driving behaviour analysis: driver's habits, speed, profile, fuel consumption, etc.

However, every sector has its own needs, and Geoplanning can easily be adapted and the functions customized.