Your challenges

  • To identify those vehicles eligible for electrification
  • To reduce operating costs
  • To limit carbon emissions
  • To comply with government and European requirements et
  • To rationalise your fleet

MyActia provides the answers to the following questions:

dreamstime_s_25980990 (1).jpg
  • Which vehicle can I replace?
  • By what type of electrification?
  • What is the coverage provided by public recharging stations?
  •  Do I need to provide recharging points at the office?
  • Will my employees have the time to recharge between 2 assignments?
  • Does my electrification strategy involve any risk?
  • What will my savings be, in real terms?
  • What is the easy way to reimburse the cost of recharging at home?

Describe mobility activities and their network


Simple indicators, such as daily number of kilometres driven, description of average journeys (number of kilometres, location, frequency), description of stops (location, frequency, duration, # vehicles per worksite) make it possible to:

  1.  advise mobility managers about the eligibility of a fleet for electrification (PHEV or EV),
  2.  identify items for investment (recharging infrastructure)
  3.  identify the likely benefits (CO2 emissions, savings in fuel consumption).

Identify eligible vehicles


You need to confirm the eligibility of the vehicles to be replaced by electric models (PHEV or EV)?

You need to have an exhaustive overview of the composition of your fleet, its actual usage and likely development in terms of the growth and development of business.

EV Efficiency: Ensure the optimum use of electric vehicles


Basic to advanced functionalities make it possible to optimise operating costs, while at the same time making life easier for workers:

  • Knowledge of consumption and costs incurred (electricity, fossil fuel)
  • Anticipation of breakdowns thanks to clear knowledge about the health status of batteries
  • Measurement of the overall carbon footprint and its likely development

Solutions that may also be of interest to you

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Tracking & fleet management

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Bus - passengers transport
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Have passenger comfort as a goal

Reduce energy consumption and accidents
Reduce energy consumption and accidents

Make your drivers aware of environmentally friendly and economic driving styles, reduce accidents

Enable vehicle-sharing by using calendars
Enable vehicle-sharing by using calendars

Optimize the number of vehicles in the fleet

Let's discuss your electrification strategy