Your challenges

  • To organise preventative maintenance
  • To identify repeated malfunctions, “fragile” vehicles
  • To view the fault/remote sensor codes
  • To analyse by type/model of vehicle
  • To act in plenty of time, depending on the severity of the fault/sensor code

Perform a complete remote diagnosis of the fleet

  • View the company’s state of health on the web platform, without physically accessing the vehicle.
  • And plan the work required.

View the manufacturer’s fault codes


MyActia offers you a “360° view” of the health status of the vehicle.

This feature is exclusive to ACTIA. Only ACTIA and its expertise in on-board electronics can offer this on the market.

  • Check whether the vehicle is being driven respectfully by the driver (fuel consumption, eco-driving scores, etc.)
  • Have a simple way of consulting the complete health of the vehicle (levels, temperatures, tyre pressures, etc.)
  • See immediately if the state of the vehicle requires a trip to the service workshop (next overhaul, next M.O.T. inspection, presence or not of faults)
  • View the presence, type and frequency of fault codes and their translation into textual wording, confirming the presence of a real problem in the vehicle (exclusive with the Actia Ican box)

Have a fleet that is ready to use at any time.

  • Reduce unplanned off-road times.
  • Determine the remaining number of kilometres before the next service

Become a responsive manager


Don’t go into the application, it will come to you. Thanks to instant notifications, configured à la carte and based on the severity criteria you set, any abnormal event will be reported to you and you can judge whether it’s necessary to send a vehicle that has broken down by the roadside into the dealership for repair.

Generate savings


Anticipate costly mechanical breakdowns by carrying out a timely check on the vehicle

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