Management of urgent interventions: locate the fleet to identify the vehicle closest to the intervention site. Also during an emergency, it is common for an officer to leave his vehicle, turn off the engine but leave the key in the ignition and the door open. Vehicles are systematically equipped with an immobilizer which aims to prevent a malicious individual from taking advantage of the moment to steal the car.

"At risk" intervention management: Locating the vehicle and its driver in the event of distress, identifying the driver so that they can be contacted in the event of a problem is an essential feature to protect the police forces.


Ticket management: Police vehicles must respect the rules of the road just like citizens. The only derogation conditions involve the activation of the siren and/or the flashing light. In the event of a violation, the application provides proof of the activation of these devices.

Maintenance planning: A breakdown and unplanned downtime of a vehicle can impact the efficiency of citizen services. Preventively organizing maintenance or identifying dashboard alerts allows maximum availability of the fleet and therefore optimization of police services.

Like any organization, security services are constantly seeking to improve their processes. The use of reports takes on its full meaning for calculating the rate of use of vehicles, mapping frequent intervention zones, the type of vehicle most in demand, etc.

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