Equipping your fleet of vehicles and equipment with a telematics solution is not just fashionable. It is a real transformation of your management to optimize the use of your vehicles and control your costs.

The constant rise in fuel prices, the increase in vehicle taxes, the inflation of leasing rents, the electrification of parks, etc. impact the cost of ownership (TCO). Embedded telematics is becoming obvious to many managers keen to implement profitability levers.

What is telematics used for?

Improve your productivity by optimizing activities and travel, by allocating your field resources based on criteria such as availability, proximity, time constraints. But also by automating certain processes such as service encoding or by facilitating billing transparency. Or simply take inventory of your equipment knowing where your assets are located, what point of interest are they being used on, when will they be available?

To help companies optimize the use of their fleets while controlling costs through preventive maintenance options, monitoring energy consumption, or allocating underutilized vehicles and rationalizing the fleet, by reducing claims while improving driver safety and preventing theft.

Improve your overall management through the availability of many reports that can meet the needs of different business processes. Telematics makes it possible to monitor and control your ecological footprint, to promote your good drivers but also to increase the quality of your services.

Telematics for whom?

Whether you have 10, 100, 800 or more vehicles, equipment or mobile staff: a telematics solution makes sense and no matter what sector you operate in. A home meal delivery service will optimize its rounds and reduce its kilometres, an event company will know the real-time location of its equipment, a rental company will be able to immobilize vehicles remotely in the event of theft, a fleet manager will proactively control the state of its park. The functional richness is varied and serves many different business needs.

How to start this digitization project?

  1. Draw up an inventory: number of vehicles and types (light vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, machinery), number of drivers, is it interesting to locate equipment? Is the use exclusively professional?
    But also, ask yourself the question of who will use the application because if several collaborators can facilitate the management of their tasks, you will have to opt for a solution allowing flexibility in the management of access.
  2. Define your objectives and prioritize them.

Gather all project stakeholders to consider as many parameters as possible.

  • Do you want to improve driver safety?
  • Protect from theft?
  • Improve eco-driving behavior?
  • Geolocate your mobile resources?
  • Optimize costs?
  • Schedule maintenance?
  • Make strategic decisions?
  • Automate some tasks?

Or simply, by contacting our team.

We will help you map your resources and identify your needs. The integration of a telematics solution is a business digitization project. Share your thoughts with professionals for a solution 100% adapted to your needs and anticipating your future use to perfect your productivity.