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How telematics can reduce energy consumption

The explosion in prices at the pump and the economic context make it necessary to monitor and reduce vehicle fuel consumption. Exercise can be very profitable! Here is how MyActia helps you…

1/ MONITOR CONSUMPTION: Provided that the vehicles are fitted with on-board telematics boxes, MyActia makes it possible to monitor and analyze actual consumption in relation to a consumption target. MyActia provides an overview of the day's consumption by displaying the time line of actual or theoretical consumption. Everything is detailed by route. Or by driver. You have before your eyes real and objective data.

2/ ANALYZE THE REPORTS: The Fuel/CO2 report allows you to output an Excel report for a given period with consumption information per vehicle or per person. It is interesting to pay attention to driving activities and/or engine stoppage and the summary of consumption for the period, which allows you to have an overview of the driver's performance at a glance.

3/ ACTIVATE THE ALARMS: For vehicles with internal combustion engines, stopping the engine running is sometimes a significant source of consumption. Certain uses of vehicles justify stopping the engine running (signalling vehicle, truck equipped with a crane, …). In other cases, stopping the engine running is a comfort solution (maintaining air conditioning or heating during the break, …) or simply a bad habit. MyActia allows you to configure an Activity alarm which is triggered when the stoppage of the engine running exceeds a certain duration.

4/ EDUCATE DRIVERS to improve their DRIVING BEHAVIOR Driving "smoothly", using the engine brakes, changing gears in time, switching off the air conditioning, closing the windows, reducing the speed by 10 km/h, aerodynamics and vehicle load,... There are many factors driver awareness to reduce consumption. Via MyActia Ecodrive, analyze the driving behavior of your employees and identify all the leads that reduce fuel consumption.

5/ Maintain your vehicles on time A well-maintained vehicle performs better, consumes less fuel and emits less CO2. Inadequate maintenance intervals can lead to overconsumption of 2L/100km. Under-inflated tires can increase your fuel consumption by up to 4%. MyActia Maintenance allows preventive maintenance to be organized and vehicle fault codes to be identified remotely.

6/ Driving with others, sharing vehicles MyActia offers solutions to optimize the number of vehicles in your fleet!

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