Digitalise your inventories!

Overview of equipment being used or available at the depot.

  • Awareness of staff to whom equipment is entrusted
  • Simplified and automated inventory
  • Less time spent looking for equipment
  • Less equipment lost or stolen
  • Better planning of worksites
  • Transparency of invoicing
  • History or movements

Draw up an inventory of your items and equipment


Fit mini-transmitters to your tools, such as drills, generators, milling machines, electrical equipment and other manual tools.
By fitting your worksites/depots/vehicles with a scanner, items of equipment fitted with tags will send details of their position regularly.
This means you can locate and catalogue your assets properly – and take appropriate action.

Locate trailers and containers


The solution also allows you to locate your trailers and containers and see the tractor/trailer associations.

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Limit losses, control costs

Because your equipment can be easily located, you can negotiate your insurance premiums better. This also drives down the risk of equipment being lost or stolen. Being able to locate equipment makes your teams accountable and allows for a peaceful working atmosphere. If you hire out equipment, being able to locate it enables you to access precise invoicing and keep costs under control. Managing an inventory requires time and resources. Having the right solution enables you to reduce these non-productive costs.

Maximise your operations


Avoid interruptions on-site caused by equipment not being available. Theft and losses from sites are a scourge, creating many difficulties for construction companies, both from the point of view of the economic losses they cause and from the resulting site disruption/delays.

Become a responsive manager


Don’t go to the app, it will come to you. With instant notifications, you will be alerted immediately to any unauthorised movements.

Solutions that may also be of interest to you

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Tracking & fleet management

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Manage the cold chain
Manage the cold chain

Monitore various temperature managed within the same load.

Solution for managing equipment, material and trailer
Solution for managing equipment, material and trailer

For businesses that entrust equipment and tools to their staff, being able to locate the various machines and equipment issued to them makes it easier for you to manage all.

Electromobility solution
Electromobility solution

Data analysis solution to identify the vehicles eligible for electrification

Automate the way work is recorded
Automate the way work is recorded

Organise staff activity and automate the way work is recorded, identify worker presence on-site

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