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    Users are reminded that fraudulently entering or remaining in a computer system, impeding or distorting the functioning of such a system or fraudulently entering or modifying data in a computing system constitutes an offence punishable by criminal penalties.

  2. Copyright

    The Telefleet, Geoplanning and Drivexpert trademarks, the Telefleet, Geoplanning and Drivexpert names, the Telefleet, Geoplanning and Drivexpert logos, the product names of the ranges and the related products and services are trademarks registered by Actia Telematics Services.

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    All reproduction, representation, use or modification, by any process whatsoever and on any medium whatsoever, of all or part of the Websites, of all or part of the various works that make them up, without having obtained the prior authorisation of Actia Telematics Services, is strictly forbidden and constitutes a counterfeiting offence punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a fine of € 150,000.

    The reproduction, imitation, use or insertion of trademarks without having obtained the prior authorisation of Actia Telematics Services or of their respective holders constitutes a counterfeiting offence punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a fine of € 150,000.

    Consequently, the reproduction of all documents published on the Websites is authorised for information purposes only, for exclusively private use. Any other use of these reproductions and in particular use for commercial purposes is expressly forbidden without the prior, written consent of Actia Telematics Services.

  3. Information and products

    These screens constitute a general presentation of the Actia Telematics Servicesrange of products and services. Actia Telematics Services reserves the right to modify the information included on this Website, in particular that relating to the availability and technical characteristics of the products presented, at any time without prior notice, taking into account the interactive nature of the Website, without this incurring the liability of Actia Telematics Services.

  4. Liability

    All the information accessible via these Websites is supplied as is. Actia Telematics Services does not give any guarantee, whether explicit or implicit, and does not assume any liability which could result from accessing or using these Websites, including any damage or viruses which could infect the computing equipment or any other property of the user.

    The company Actia Telematics Servicesreserves the right to modify, terminate, suspend or interrupt at any time, for any reason and solely at its own discretion, access to all or part of the Websites, including in particular the content, the functionalities or the times of availability, without prior notice. Actia Telematics Services cannot be held liable for any consequences of these modifications.

    Actia Telematics Services is not liable for the accuracy of or for any errors in or omissions from these Websites. The content of these Websites is presented without any guarantee whatsoever. The photographs of products and screenshots presented on this Website are not contractual. No guarantee is given regarding the accuracy, the precision or the exhaustive nature of the information provided on the Websites. The user bears sole liability for the use of such information.

    Actia Telematics Services may not be held liable for any damage whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, irrespective of the causes, origins, nature or consequences, brought about by any individual accessing the Websites, or by the impossibility of accessing the Websites, or by the use of the Websites and/or credence granted to any information coming directly or indirectly from the latter.

    The user undertakes not to transmit on these Websites any information that could entail civil or criminal liability and undertakes in this respect not to disclose via these Websites information that is illegal, contrary to law and order or defamatory.

    Websites external to Actia Telematics Services having a hypertext link with these Websites are not under the control of Actia Telematics Services, which consequently declines all liability regarding their content. These links to other Websites do not, under any circumstances, constitute approval or a partnership between Actia Telematics Services and these Websites, which are subject to their own terms and conditions of use and protection of privacy policies. Moreover, no natural person or legal entity is authorised to insert a hypertext link to these Actia Telematics Services Websites without the express and prior authorisation of the latter.

    Access to the products and services presented on the Websites may be subject to restrictions. Users must check that the law of the country from which the connection is established authorises access to the Websites.

  5. Personal and other data

    These Websites may be consulted without the identity of the user being revealed or without any information whatsoever about the user being provided. Personal data which may be gathered via this Website are intended for customer management and direct marketing of the brand products commercialised by Actia Telematics Services.

    The user gives his consent for these data to be forwarded, for these same purposes, to all the companies affiliated to Actia Telematics Services or to other persons with a view to fulfilling any legal obligation or should this be required by legitimate interests. The user also authorises the forwarding of these data when the addressee is established outside the European Union, irrespective of the level of protection of personal data guaranteed in the country of destination.

    The user is entitled to request, free of charge, by writing to the address given below or via the Websites, that Actia Telematics Services and its affiliated companies stop using personal data concerning him, collected via said Website, for direct marketing purposes. Any person proving his identity is entitled to access and correct personal data concerning him, simply upon request and free of charge, at the following address: Actia Telematics Services, Marketing Service, Chée de Marche 774 – 5100 Naninne, Belgium or by sending us a message using the contact form.

    The personal data gathered in the forms on these Websites or when requests are sent on line are processed by the service in charge of information processing within Actia Telematics Services for the purposes of internal management and in response to requests in compliance with the applicable provisions on data protection.

    The confidentiality and integrity of information passing through the Internet network cannot be assured. Actia Telematics Services declines all responsibility in this respect.

  6. Non-personal data

    Non-personal data which the user provides and which concern his preferences, centres of interest and passions are used to offer him products and services suited to his tastes.

    Actia Telematics Services is likely to receive information obtained automatically but which may not, under any circumstances, be associated with an individual. This information concerns the type of Internet browser which is used, the user’s computer system and the domain name via which the user has accessed the Websites.

  7. Applicable law

    These General Terms and Conditions are subject to Belgian law. In the event of a dispute, the courts of the legal district of Namur have jurisdiction.

  8. Updating the general terms and conditions

    Actia Telematics Servicesreserves the right to modify and update access to the Websites and the General Terms and Conditions at any time. These modifications and updates are binding upon users who must therefore regularly consult this section to check the General Terms and Conditions in force.

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