Digitalization of the management of the 2,500 SPW cartage vehicles

The Public Service of Wallonia (SPW), including its 7 General Operational Management, counts nearly 2,500 vehicles dedicated to the service of infrastructure, mobility, agriculture and the environment, etc.

The management of such a fleet requires a telematics solution embedded in vehicles and machinery.

Since 2018, the SPW has been using a management solution to federate the management of all of its assets within a single telematics portal. The SPW chose the MyActia solution.

Contribution of geolocation:

  • The SPW monitors its assets in real time – rolling or not – and rationalizes their use.
  • The solution ensures strict compliance with the GDPR and private data
  • In the event of an accident, identification of employees on board the vehicles.
  • This follow-up of course makes it possible to avoid any loss or theft of equipment,
  • Allows objective evaluation of the use of the various assets and the rationalization of the vehicle fleet: vehicles to be renewed, underused vehicles and therefore to act on the strategy of fleet size, pooling of vehicles
  • In the event of degradation of a road, for example, knowing which is the nearest intervention vehicle that can be sent on site to warn users is a feature provided by the location solution.
  • Allows you to manage and ensure compliance with safety standards by checking the use of sirens and flashing lights.

With such a fleet, it is necessary to

  • Control costs: less fuel, less CO2, less travel
  • Schedule maintenance and servicing
  • Analyze data over a period of time

By digitizing the management of its cartage, the SPW facilitates administrative management and is part of a more ecological administration that ensures respect for privacy.

What's more, which protects its drivers via the presence of a 'panic' button that the driver can activate in the event of distress which generates an aggression alarm on the platform. In addition, in the event of an accident, the box is designed to send an alert to the SPW PEREX center to send help as soon as possible.

In summary, MyActia is a solution that perfectly matches the needs of the SPW and its employees.